Roller Blinds

About Roller blinds

Roller blinds are the perfect choice for those that want privacy but still want to keep the light in. Roller blinds are both decorative and practical. They are easy to manage and give you complete ambience control.

Roller blinds come in various shapes and sizes and are available in every colour and print imaginable. They are a perfect fit for any decor!

  • Roller blinds Spain

    Roller blinds

  • Roller blinds spain

    Roller blinds

  • Roller Blinds Spain

    Roller Blinds


Eclips blinds give the ideal combination of light and functionality.

Eclips roller blinds function with transparent and non-transparent strips allowing you to play with the light to your hearts content. The strips move over each other to offer privacy yet let in maximum light, and are controlled with a comfortable chain mechanism or a child safe remote control.

Exterior roller screens SpainInterior & exterior Screens

Roller screens can be used inside as well as outside and are an ideal way to add sunscreens to your windows without them being in the way of your interior design.

Roller screens are also often used to protect your terrace from the sun during the day and keep a nasty draft at bay in the evenings.

They can expand your home creating an outdoor living space that’s protected from the glare of the sun.

With roller screens you can leave your terrace doors open without letting those pesky bugs in, so you can enjoy those warm summer evenings for longer.

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