Bandalux shape the light through their shades and create the desired space you want at that certain time of the day.

We invite you to discover how Bandalux´s new solar control systems, range of sustainable fabrics and energy efficient solutions can improve your well-being and quality of life.

Bandalux was founded in 1986 with the launch of the vertical roller blind. Over the past 30 years, we have constantly evolved to become leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of custom curtains and blinds. We are committed to offering products that bring together quality, service and technological innovation with elegance and beauty.


Available in a multitude of fabrics and colors to suit any setting.

Our roller blinds blend seamlessly into any surroundings. The variety of available fabrics and numerous configurations make full product customization a reality. It integrates a mechanism developed by Bandalux that assures a perfectly rolled fabric and a straight, firm descent in a durable and efficient soft drive system for the ultimate user experience.

The roller blinds let you combine a decorative and a technical fabric in the same system to manage the room’s light any time, from an ambiance with dimmed light to total opacity.

Bandalux Roller Shade


A classic, high-quality shade that adapts to the most traditional décor.

Bandalux folding blinds offer unlimited design and configuration choices thanks to their five different styles and a wide range of fabrics with more than 130 references to select from.

A system to meet any decorative need and one that is also highly versatile. It allows you to open the window without having to retract the blind since it can be installed in the window frame. This curtain is very easy-to maintain because the fabric is attached by Velcro and can be removed and placed at any time. Even the drop of the fabric can be selected: with a rod for greater rigidity without a rod for a free-falling fabric.

Bandalux Roman Shade


An elegantly made curtain. Able to cover high ceilings and irregular surfaces such as curves, slopes and stairs.

The vertical blind system offers total control over light flows thanks to the slat’s movement and their 180º rotation. Able to provide the right atmosphere at any time, vertical blinds stand out for their precise, versatile design that allows them to cover up to 6 m wide by 6 m high glassed areas.

We now incorporate a robust counterweight option to the vertical blind system that minimizes slat movement caused by air, and being able to remove the chain as a classic connecting element between the slats.

Vertical blinds are also highly adaptable to any space, including stairs, curved and inclined windows, ledges and slopes thanks to their adaptive tracks. It is the ideal system to set up a multitude of natural hues of light in your home. We have a wide range of decorative and technical fabrics, which also include the possibility of converting your vertical blind into a complete blocking system thanks to the opaque fabric slats.


In wood or aluminum, venetian blinds are highly versatile in managing the light in any room.

Venetian blinds are a practical, functional option that enables high-precision control of light flows indoors. This system combines the brightness of a fully opened blind and the capacity to reach a high degree of opacity in its unfolded position thanks to its adjustable strip structure of different widths that move at 180º on its horizontal axis. Available with stainless aluminum slats, which make it an ideal solution for humid and saline environments. Or else choose wood slats for an exclusive finish that enhances the look of the space and makes it more inviting.

The multiple finishes offered by the Bandalux venetian blinds system let you choose between different components, colors and features to match the blinds with your home’s style.

Bandalux Venetian Blind