Yes, absolutely! It is no problem to install shutters of any kind in your bathroom, however, if the shutter will be in direct contact with water, then we always recommend to choose a PVC variety.

No, quite the opposite in fact! The round shape of the shutters reflect the light so your light stays inside.

Shutters are made out of many different moving wooden parts, therefore, they will never darken a room 100%  like you would see with for example electric shutters. We can guarantee 95% though by using rebating between the panels en the use of L-frames to close any gap that might exist.

It goes without saying that we will look for the ideal solution to ensure you can still use your windows while enjoying our beautiful shutters.

Apart from keeping them clean and dust free with a damp cloth, it is not necessary to paint the shutters again. Our shutters have been sprayed with 2 layers of base paint and varnish.

We will always make sure to install the shutters in such a way that you can remove them from the windows to clean them. This can be achieved by using the hinges or we can make the shutters in a way that the panel is removable, and fix them with magnets. Whatever the installation, you will always be able to get to your windows.

Definitely not, our wooden shutters are made of carefully selected special wood, which is dried to ensure there’s no more water in the wood. Apart from that, all the parts of your shutters are technically glued to avoid bending of the wood.

Furthermore we would like to point out that basswood is known for being a stable wood that has a straight grain by nature and therefore does not get influenced by weather conditions.


A transparent substance blocks the view, but not all of the light from space. Blackout fabric does not allow light through. A blackout fabric is perfect for sleeping quarters. Please note that a roller blind is always right and left slightly ajar because the fabric width is narrower than the product width.

Yes, the fabric width is 36mm narrower than the width order with a standard blind and 48mm narrower at a roller blind with cassette. The ordering width is the width of the outside of the backing to the left and with the outside of the right support (also called total width).

No, we can not give this kind of guarantee, The colors of the fabrics are made in different productions. The material of these different productions may present themselves slight color differences. We encourage you, if possible, always as much as possible to buy orders for the same room at one time.

Yes, but we can not give guarantees as the moisture in bathrooms can differ. The roller blinds are often used in bathrooms, but are not specifically made for use in these spaces. Shutters In Spain therefore excludes any responsibility for use in these areas.

This mainly depends on your own taste. There are several possibilities:

  • To regulate light, take your (roller) blinds, Duette® or Plissé® or blinds with vertical slats.
  • A skylight needs a blinds that stays in its place.
  • Darkening of a bedroom is done with blackout curtains, blinds, drapes or Venetian Blinds

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