Sunshade from MHZ Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG

Since the company was founded in 1930, MHZ Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG has stood for made-to-measure privacy and sunshade systems for indoor and outdoor use. High quality, attractive design and leading edge engineering set our high-quality products apart.

For domestic and commercial premises

In the MHZ range you will find Venetian and vertical blinds, panel blinds, roller blinds and pleated blinds for all internal rooms. With insect screens, awnings, external Venetian blinds, ZiP screens, shutters, shade systems and unique metal curtains, we offer bespoke solutions for external areas too.


Diversely emphasising the essentials
A pleated blind is the name given to a horizontally folded (= pleated) length of fabric that is secured between two profiles and to tension cords. When shut, the pleated blinds provide you with privacy screening, sunshade and a fascinating pattern of pleats. The light that gets through them takes on a soft hue. When opened, the pleated blind units merge inconspicuously into their surroundings.

Made-to-measure MHZ pleated blinds are suited to a range of different demands and situations. Their flexible hardware adapts to most window shapes and can be used in any style of architecture. Privacy screening and sunshade for skylights and windows of special shapes are challenges that the pleated blinds cleverly solve.

With their great diversity of colour, shape and model, the pleated blinds give you great freedom for the bespoke design you want – in the living room, kitchen and bathroom as well as in offices and commercial premises.

MHZ Pleated Blinds
MHZ Pleated Blinds


Sunshade, privacy, shielding from glare, energy savings, improved spatial acoustics and many more benefits. All provided by Duette® honeycomb blinds from MHZ.

Honeycomb blinds consist of two pleated layers of fabric joined together and fixed between two rail sections. The honeycomb-shaped cavities between the fabric panels form an air cushion that acts as a layer of insulation against heat and cold. As a result of this structure the honeycomb blinds produce soft incoming light and an atmospheric ambience.

Unlike on a pleated blind, the tension cords of a honeycomb blind run inside the cavities. That means no punched holes that the sun can shine through. Together with blackout fabrics the blinds can be used to fully darken bedrooms and living rooms.

In commercial premises and offices the Duette® honeycomb blinds contribute to improved spatial acoustics. They cut down noise by up to 45 percent, make it easier to understand what is being said and make spending time in the room more agreeable.

MHZ Honeycomb Blinds
MHZ Honeycomb Blinds


A roller blind unit is made up of an aluminium or steel shaft and, rolled around it, a fabric blind. Privacy and light are regulated by lowering and raising the blind, which can hold itself in place at minute increments.

Practical: draw the blind down whenever you need extreme privacy and protection from glare. In order to expose the window and let in lots of daylight, open the blind completely. The cassette variant additionally protects the rolled-up blind from dust.


Top standards for custom requirements
We manufacture both the hardware and the fabrics of our roller blinds to the highest of standards. Their clear, straightforward style lets them fit discreetly into your home environment. In domestic living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms and in commercial premises MHZ roller blinds provide functional, textile privacy screening and shade from the sun.

The choice of blind fabric is key to the degree of screening and protection from the light. With a range of different transparency levels, textures and colours, the fabrics create a unique effect and bespoke atmosphere. There are also special fabrics suitable for use in damp locations such as kitchens and bathrooms and in commercial premises.

MHZ Roller Blinds
MHZ Roller Blinds


A panel blind is a flat, vertical window decoration that can be moved from side to side on tracks. Wide fabric panels are attached to glide carriers that run concealed inside the carrier track. They seem to hover in aesthetic, ornate fashion from the ceiling. Where necessary, they can be quickly pushed to one side.

The MHZ panel blinds impress through their harmonious composition of hardware and fabric. Their purist style suits any architectural environment. They are ideal for use as privacy screens and sun blinds on floor-to-ceiling windows or as room dividers.

Combine panels of different widths, transparency levels and surface textures. Use your imagination to create harmonious, contrasting or surprising effects.

MHZ Panel Blinds


With an awning, you can create your very own oasis of calm on your patio, on your balcony or in your garden. Custom-made awnings from MHZ are a classic solution for shading large outdoor areas. Available in widths of up to 7 metres, they can block sunlight effectively, providing shade for open spaces. They can also help to keep temperatures constant inside buildings. Awnings not only protect people – they also prevent damage to fragile garden furniture or delicate plants. At the same time, awnings can be used to protect patios from rain, since they can be left extended during a quick shower. They are therefore a great functional alternative to a patio cover.

MHZ´s awning collection contains over 140 different awning fabrics featuring various colours and patterns. The fabrics are light-fast and colour-fast with a special dirt-repellent and water-repellent finish.

MHZ´s awning fabrics are custom-made using either a high-quality UV-resistant sewing thread or an innovative diffusion welding technique.

MHZ Awning
MHZ Awning