Woodweave Blinds

Another type of wooden window decoration is the Woodweave Blind. The blinds are made of woven wood and are available in 3 different weave structures.

Woodweave blinds are offered in 2 models:

  1. Roller woodweave blind, that rolls up from the bottom.
  2. Roman woodweave blind that folds up like a roman blind.


The Woodeweave blinds are an excellent combination with wooden Venetian blinds. The Woodweave blind is also available in many different colours. They can be beautifully painted with white and grey tones as well as grey/green and taupe, combined with the wide range of stain colors.

Duette® Shades

Duette® shades are made of 2 layers of fabric combined that form a honeycomb structure. Apart from giving a decorative effect, this type of shades have more functional characteristics:

  • Insulating: you can save on your heating bills in winter
  • Reduction of heat absorption in the summer
  • Improved acoustics of your home


The honeycomb structure ensures a stationary air layer acts as insulation. Blackout Duette® also have a special insulating aluminum coating on the inside.

In the summer, Duette® shades will keep the sun out because of its great sun reflection. The heat absorption can be reduced to 78% so it stays pleasantly cool in summer. Moreover, Duette® Shades will protect your interior from fading by sunlight.

Plissé® Shades

Plissé® Shades are pleated fabrics with elegant, timeless look. Plissé Shades are decorative and versatile. Plissé® Shades are used in regular, but also in different window shapes, such as oblique, round or triangular windows. They are available in two widths folds: the elegant 20 mm pleat and elegant 32 mm fold. The fabrics are available in various transparencies: transparent, semi-transparent, sight and close blackout. This collection offers beautiful fabric qualities in unique colors, beautiful textures and special embroidery.

Parametre® Shades

Parametre® shades are a 3D lightweight polyester material with punched patterns, creating a unique structure. Very suitable as a room divider. Shutters in Spain offers a special type of window decoration: Shades & Parametre® room divider. This is a particularly 3D lightweight material with punched patterns, resulting in a unique cellular structure. The pattern creates a playful effect.

Parametre® Shades give your home a distinctive look. It is very decorative and lets you play with light and shadow, with space and atmosphere. Parametre® Shades are available in beautiful, timeless colors. Roomdivider Parametre® Shades are also suitable for use as a room divider. Think separations between workplaces in the office, but also to create a separate workspace in a living room. The Parametre® Shade offers the optimum combination of functionality and design.