Drutex Roller Blind

Rolling Shutters in Marbella & the Costa del Sol

Our state of the art Rolling shutter installations utilizes the finest technology available in Spain to give your home a whole home protection solution at the press of a button.

Tested and approved for adverse weather conditions, heat, rain and wind, our roller shutter systems are the highest rated on the market, giving the maximum comfort and safety money can buy.

Rolling shutters offer everything you could ask for:

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We use the finest grade aluminum and high-quality components to ensure that your system will stand the test of time.


With the press of a button, your home becomes a private oasis, completely detached from the outside world. No longer worry about being spied on by neighbors! Don’t worry about eavesdroppers either, as our shutters are proven to provide noise insulation!

Rolling Shutters


Our shutters are built using industrial grade aluminum, protecting you from extreme weather, noise and burglars. Feel safe knowing that a piece of glass isn’t the only thing between you and the dangers outside your home.


With unlimited custom powder coated colors, our rolling shutters give you the ability to color match your home’s interior and exterior style. Just because your shutters are designed to protect you, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look good while doing it. Your roller shutters will instantly increase your property’s resale value, aiding the curb appeal of your house, and making potential buyers feel safer knowing that they already have protection built into the home!


Our shutters keep your home energy efficient. Save hundreds of euros per year by simply closing your shutters at night or lowering them during the day! Our roller shutters will help cool your home during the summer and keep you warm at night! With our shutters, you will also enjoy lowered insurance costs and deductibles!

If you’re looking for a lower-cost option, please ask for our accordion shutters or request your free estimate today!