All-metal blinds

All-metal blinds by Schenker Storen – the premium product among the slat blinds – are extremely robust and durable. Their tilting and stacking mechanics are concealed in the side guides to avoid impairing the impressive visual aesthetics. All-metal blinds are suited for vertical and horizontal applications and are the blinds of choice for situations requiring very high wind resistance.

These all metal blinds are exclusively created by Schenker Storen and delivered and installed by Shutters in Spain in the entire Costa del Sol, including Málaga, Estepona, Marbella!

What makes all-metal blinds unique

  • High stability, extremely robust and durable
  • Greatest possible security with automatic locking in any position and slat angle
  • Aesthetic look of the slats without mounting straps
  • High wind stability

All-metal blind GM 100

All-metal blind GM 100 is the only forced-drive all-metal blind on the market. The GM 100 can be set to any angle of inclination, and is therefore suited for vertical and horizontal applications. It offers you the greatest possible safety, since it locks automatically in every position and any slat inclination

All-metal Blind GM 200

All-metal Blind GM 200 meets the highest requirements in terms of safety, since the slats lock in every position. With its modern, slightly rounded slat shape, the all-metal blind is also a visual highlight and meets all demands that architects and builders have for modern slat blinds.

Schenker Storen Highlights

Unique mechanics: the guide with a continuous roller chain and guided scissor chain ensures that the all-metal blinds are locked in any position

Schenker Storen Highlights

High buckling-resistant slat shape with extruded noise-suppressing profile.

Schenker Storen Highlights

All-metal Blind GM 100 with stable slats.

Schenker Storen Highlights

All-metal blinds with sturdy slats that can be optionally made from extruded slat profiles.

Schenker Storen Highlights

Colours on request: For an extra charge, the slats clips and the slat supports can be given a colour coating. This also applies to the lateral guide rails and end rails.

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